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Storemapper Business Update: Q1 2016

It’s been just over a year since my last Storemapper update. Sorry! In early 2015 I set out two priorities: hire two great people to take the lead on product development and customer support and to scale back my required hours towards a 4 Hour Work Week type of business. The plan was to build a team that could keep the product evolving and customers happy without me being involved every single day. Both efforts went pretty well, with a few big caveats, and I’m excited about where Storemapper is today and where things are headed.

Financial Metrics

First, the metrics update. Sadly I had to take down our public metrics dashboard (more about that here) but I’ll try to make regular detailed updates here in the blog. Storemapper’s current monthly recurring revenue is just shy of $18,000/month (MRR) or about $215,000 in annual recurring revenue (ARR). That’s just a bit over doubling in a year. Not a hockey stick, but really not bad at all for a Micro-SaaS or “internet small business” as a I sometimes describe it.

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