Store Locator App for Lightspeed

Install in minutes with no coding. Feature-packed and customizable.

Storemapper has 1000’s of customers around the globe using our store locator software to help their clients find store locations, get directions, and drive foot traffic. Over 50,000 businesses use Lightspeed eCom as their eCommerce platform around the world. Support your omnichannel sales strategy by integrating our Lightspeed eCom Store Locator into your site. Storemapper will transfer buyers from search to store in a matter of seconds, giving them a seamless experience whether they prefer to buy online, in person, or a little bit of both. Whether you have one or a thousand stores, our software is certain to fit your needs. Installation requires zero coding, just a quick copy and paste and you are all set. There is nothing complicated about entering store data either because Storemapper has a simple upload solution to fit your specific use-case. The choice is yours. Upload your store information individually through your Storemapper login, in bulk by CSV, or simply sync with a Google Drive sheet. The Lightspeed eCom Store Locator is chock-full of data management capabilities as well, ensuring that it is never burdensome to clean up and update store data, display preferred locations, or allow customers to search locations by the specific products they stock. Our support site is always open for business, but should you have difficulty using Storemapper, send the support team an email or chat request and they will be happy to set you straight.

Artistic integrity to maintain? No problem. Storemapper is fully customizable to blend seamlessly into the look and feel of your website. Get exactly the colors, font, map size, and more that you want by choosing a preset option or directly adjusting the code yourself.

Capturing usage data on where people are looking to find your products can be quite valuable. The Storemapper analytics suite provides you with this data to bring to light potential growth locales.

We offer a 7-day free trial because we are confident you will be dazzled by how quick and easy it is to get a store locator up and running on your website using the Lightspeed eCom Store Locator by Storemapper.