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Google Maps now requires an API key for your store locator

A quick an important update from Google Maps here. As of June 22, 2016 Google Maps announced it will start requiring that you create an API key with your Google account and include that key on all pages on your website that use Google Maps. This includes the page where you have installed Storemapper so there is some action required.

For existing Storemapper customers: your store locator will still work fine for now, however not having an API key may affect your store locator’s ability to work in the future. At this point it’s not clear how that could change so the best thing to do is go ahead grab a key. It’s not urgent but something you should definitely put on your todo list.

For new Storemapper customers: you will most likely need an API key. It is possible that Storemapper will work on your domain if you have previously used Google Maps on it before but it would be an unstable situation and the best bet is again to get a key.

Note: this will affect all store locator apps that are operating within the bounds of Google’s terms and conditions equally.

Fortunately it is pretty painless. You can follow this guide to get a key and include it with your store locator. The steps are basically (1) log in with Google and generate a key (2) copy it over into Storemapper and (3) grab your Storemapper embed code from the app and update the embed code on your site… that’s annoying we know and we try very very hard to make sure you don’t ever have to change your embed code but in this case it’s unavoidable.

For the curious, we have added a lengthier post explaining a bit more about how all this interacts with the various Google Maps terms and licenses on the support site here.

As always let us know if you have any questions.

Storemapper Business Update: Q1 2016

It’s been just over a year since my last Storemapper update. Sorry! In early 2015 I set out two priorities: hire two great people to take the lead on product development and customer support and to scale back my required hours towards a 4 Hour Work Week type of business. The plan was to build a team that could keep the product evolving and customers happy without me being involved every single day. Both efforts went pretty well, with a few big caveats, and I’m excited about where Storemapper is today and where things are headed.

Financial Metrics

First, the metrics update. Sadly I had to take down our public metrics dashboard (more about that here) but I’ll try to make regular detailed updates here in the blog. Storemapper’s current monthly recurring revenue is just shy of $18,000/month (MRR) or about $215,000 in annual recurring revenue (ARR). That’s just a bit over doubling in a year. Not a hockey stick, but really not bad at all for a Micro-SaaS or “internet small business” as a I sometimes describe it.

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New Feature: Automatically Import Store Locator Data with Automations

We are excited to announce a hotly requested feature: Data Automations. You can have store data automatically pushed to your Storemapper store locator without lifting a finger. We’ve built out an API and can accept data from a variety of other apps and data sources with more being added all the time. Here are just a few examples of integrations that can be used to automatically add data to Storemapper.

  • When a new Shopify customer is tagged “wholesale” (or any other tag) automatically add them to Storemapper
  • When a new Lead is created in Salesforce, add data to Storemapper
  • When customer data is added to an existing Google Doc, reformat the fields and add to Storemapper
  • Parse customer data from a formatted email (like invoices or receipts) and add to Storemapper.

For each integration we will do a free customized setup to match your workflow. However because of the setup and ongoing maintenance, Automations will only be available on a new $59/month plan.

If you would like to setup Automations: Ask us in the chat.


Popular Feature: Facebook Pages Store Locator

Did you know that you can add a Storemapper store locator to your Facebook Page. It takes about 30 seconds and a few clicks to automatically add a copy of your existing store locator to a tab on your Page. Check out these awesome examples of our customers in action and click the images to see them live.

Blunt Umbrellas Facebook Store Locator


Flymen Fishing Facebook Store Locator

If you’re already a Premium Storemapper customer, head here to install on Facebook.

Otherwise sign up for a free trial today