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  • fashion
  • outdoors

Storemapper made integration to our website incredibly easy and seamless. We uploaded an exported list of our retailers in CSV format and within 15 minutes had an embedded map showing all of our locations. Even better, Storemapper allows you to modify nearly all of its styles with CSS on our website. Integrating a store locator that had a consistent look and feel with the rest of our site was very important to us and Storemapper delivered.

Jack Knoll - Forsake

  • clothing
  • sports & lifestyle

We sell mostly American Made Traditional Apparel and Accessories built for the Sporting Lifestyle. Storemapper provided an efficient, affordable way to list all of our brick-and-mortar partners across the nation. This allows our customer to easily find a store near them. The customization is extremely user-friendly, and allows for a plethora of information to be input for each location.

Taylor Watson - Over Under Clothing

  • shoe care

We have retail locations all over the world from distributors to wholesale. Storemapper helped us not only identify them but help our customers find them. It uses google maps which everyone knows and understands so the interface is easy to use for everyone. Over 100 locations with zero issues since day one and the Storemapper crew has helpful along the way as they have grown. The ability to download an excel and update quickly helps tremendously as well. We have nothing but good things to say about Storemapper and its ease of use.

Tyler Brucato - Angelus Shoe Polish

  • Health & beauty

Storemapper has allowed us to easily implement a store locator feature on our website without any coding needed. The added extra features like custom logo and categories made it easy to display our different selling channels.

Nick - Elegance USA

  • aquatic industry

Storemapper is an important part of our website. It's one of the most commonly visited pages on our website. It allows our customers to quickly find were we well our products, it's an incentive for our resellers to be on our website and it legitimizes our business to the outside world when they see our footprint in comparison to our competition.

Houman Nikmanesh - Bixpy LLC

  • eyewear

Bringing independent eyewear to likeminded stores and individuals was difficult enough, at least mapping our success wasn't. Storemapper couldn't have been easier!

Jordan Silver - Silver Lining Opticians

  • eyewear

We sell mainly to brick and mortar stores and we need to have visitors to our site find where to buy our products. Storemapper makes this easy.

zack tipton -

  • feeding
  • consumer goods

Working on a lean team for a fast-growing company is hard work! When time and resources are limited, it feels like everything is harder than it needs to be. But not Storemapper! I find the Storemapper site to be super intuitive and user-friendly. It is as simple and straight forward as it SHOULD be. Now that's great design!

Tamara Falcone - ezpz

  • Health & beauty
  • men’s grooming

We are a producer of beard care products without a physical retail store and we stock various retail locations in the city and beyond. We get a lot of questions from our customers through our social media channels on where we can get products. A service that allows customers to locate their closest store is something we love providing for them, since they can find the closes store to them easily, while also see all the stores we are growing into. For other possible retailer locations, the store locator serves as a list they want to get on, helping them feel assured that customers will be aware of their location. Setting up storemapper couldn't be easier, and the team are really helpful and responsive for any issues we had. If you can manage an e-commerce site, you can easily manage storemapper. I get excited about adding new stores, and that's probably the big home run when it comes to their service. Well done and highly recommended.

Waseem Sendi - Diggn'It

  • medicine

I am a website designer and have designed over 50 sites across the country. My two biggest clients use storemapper. This is a site for a chiropractor in New York. This particular doctor offers a free set of resources for other doctors who sign up, for free, on his website. We collect their signup information into a google sheet, which then automatically syncs with storemapper and displays a worldwide map of the CPOYA doctors. This helps people find a doctor near to their home or office. We've been using this system for a few years now, and it works great! We've had almost 600 doctors sign up. (I've also attached an app to his website that automatically takes the signup information and adds it to an email list in Mailchimp, so the signup process is fully automated.) This is a site for another chiropractor in Georgia. He offers the F.I.T. system - an instructional series with resources that doctors around the world buy on his site. Once the doctors have made a purchase I add the new F.I.T. doctor to the storemapper database. This way people can find a doctor who is educated in the F.I.T. technique near them. Again, we've been using this for years.

Michele Talbot - MTC Web

  • Truck & jeep accessories

I love working with Storemapper for my business needs! We manufacture aftermarket automotive parts and distribute through a wholesale dealer network in the US and Canada. We use Storemapper to assist retail shoppers in locating retail stores who carry our product. A retail customer simply types in their city or zip code and they are able to locate the closest dealer who carries our products.

Kelli - Bodyguard Truck Accessories

  • Custom drapery hardware
  • draped bed hardware

We're developing a new website to bring our home decor e-commerce business into the 21st century, and since we only sell to the trade, needed an effective way to help our non-trade website visitors find retail stores and designers that can help them select and purchase our products. My BigCommerce consultant suggested a few store mapping solutions, and after trying them out, we decided that StoreMapper fit our needs and skill set (quite non-technical!) the best. We've been pleased with the flexibility and ease of use, and think it will be a great tool for our end users to find the right intermediaries for our business.

Blaine Smith - ADR

  • Design
  • art
  • consumer goods

Storemapper is the simplest tool we have found to enable our customers to find the retail locations nearest to them where they can find Holstee designs. Our wholesale stores love it because it helps our customers find them, our customers love it because they can easily shop our designs locally, and we love it because its a breeze to use and update.

Dave Radparvar - Holstee

  • Health & beauty

Fascinations currently has 15 locations across Arizona and Colorado with plans to expand across the United States. Each location has areas dedicated to sensual wellness, bath and body, cutting edge fashion apparel and a broad selection of lingerie. Having multiple locations we wanted a way for our website users to be able to easily find a store located near them. In addition to choosing Storemapper as our Store Locator Platform we have also utilized their map analytics features to assist in future development and plans to expand and open new stores based on Storemappers heatmap showing high click rates across the nation!

Catherine Page - Fascinations -

  • Health & beauty
  • men’s grooming

Beardbrand is working to make the world better by helping men invest in themselves and fostering confidence through grooming. The more men we can reach, the bigger the impact we can make, which is why we strive to keep on growing. Our core values are freedom, trust, and hunger – we use these as a guide both internally for decision making and to ensure we're giving the best customer experience possible. We use Storemapper to help our customers connect with retailers who carry Beardbrand products. This supports our retailers as well, ensuring they are highlighted as one of our partners. The map we have set up aligns well with our brand and design aesthetic and that's very important to us. We've been able to go a step further to organize locations by product line, so our customers have a better visibility of what they can expect when they arrive in person.

Jenny - Beardbrand

  • food

As a small but growing business we needed to update our website to have more than just a long list of retail locations that were cumbersome to scroll through. But being small, we don't have a large budget. After trying a competitor's store locator site and being disappointed, I switched to Store Mapper and am very pleased. It was easy for me to load the locations, and I really appreciate the Link to Facebook option that allows customers to look for stores on our Facebook page as well. We are just about to launch with a regional retailer and this will allow folks to easily find where they can buy our protein oatmeal near them!

Mallory Cowell - Mad Hectic Foods

  • jewellery

Storemapper is great! We have tried a couple of other apps but found store mapper easier to use with a user friendly interface. As we are primarily online, customers who want to view the jewellery in person can visit a stockist and be able to touch and feel the product before they purchase it. Great app!

Haydon - Fabuleux Vous Ltd

  • weavers supply & tools

Adding Store Mapper to our site was simple. It really helped when we got our product into JoAnn Fabric and Craft stores. We didn’t have inventory added to all JoAnn’s locations which there are 100s of. Store Mapper lets our customers search which locations stock our product closest to them. We are mostly an online store, but some prefer to see our product in person. When a customer is looking for a distributor near them, they can search Store Mapper to see if we are stocked anywhere near them. Store mapper is affordable and easy to update when you need to add or remove a store. We would definitely recommend Store Mapper.

Emily Fiks - Weave Got Maille

  • jewellery

My brand is available online and in store. When I migrated to Shopify, it was important to my stockists that I ensured them that I encouraged omni channel retailing and that if someone wanted to browse my site but buy in store it was obvious that they could so! Storemapper was a great solution as it is clear and allows you to give lots of information about your stockists, including a link to their website and information on the type of store it is. Now both my wholesale and retail business is working well and store mapper has helped in this process!

Aine Breen - Liwu Jewellery

  • lighting
  • home goods

FLOS is an omni-channel business with showrooms, brick and mortar stores in addition to selling online. Storemapper has given us the ability to not only easily update and manipulate the online data sheet but give priorities. The ease and customization are fantastic and a must for any omni-channel business.

Daniel - FLOS

  • health
  • consumer goods
  • kids

Storemapper is a great tool for our website to direct our customers to local stores so that they can find our product near them. With our product being for parents and babies, the sooner they can get it in their hands the better. Storemapper gives parents a way to get Happi Tummi the same day and that matters a lot to us.

Nanette - Happi Tummi

  • Service hardware
  • power equipment
  • workwear & medical uniforms

Storemapper is helping me speak directly to a younger, more engaged audience. The firefighting business is changing, products are more technical, and our company is small. Storemapper helps us communicate in real time with end users around the world, something we never did before. They receive detailed answers, specific to their request, immediately. I can’t recommend Storemapper enough, except to my competition, of course.

Chris Willis - C & S Supply, Inc.

  • kids goods

We have been so happy with store mapper. It has been a vital tool for our customers AND retailers to help with the sale and purchase of our product.

Jamie Yetter - Covered Goods, Inc.

  • Toys & Games

Cobble Hill Puzzle Co is mainly a wholesaler, with a presence in the e-commerce world, mainly to keep our brand visible. While consumers can purchase puzzles from our website, we enjoy driving traffic to our retailer's stores to support their local business - and that's where Storemapper has added value to our company. Our retailers truly appreciate being listed on our website. They want to know that we're doing all that we can to drive consumers to their stores. And consumers like being able to use our website to search for puzzles that they want, but then looking up a retailer near them to make the purchase. Other mapping tools come with a hefty price tag, while Storemapper is incredibly functional, efficient, and affordable. It's very simple to implement across websites for the non-developer and it has the ability to scale for those who are more tech savvy. It's been a great addition to our business.

Linda Maxwell - Cobble Hill Puzzle Co.

I have use it for a food manufacturer to show where their products are in stores across the country. I love that it's simple to use and has a great layout. I also like that it updates from my Google Sheets.

Tiffant Jeffers - His Design Services

  • beverage

We use Storemapper to help our customers find hoist. We have a 'find' page on our website and also share the link often on our social media channels to make it convenient for our customers to locate a retailer nearest them.

Rache - Hoist

  • Leasure & outdoors
  • surf

We use Storemapper on our ecommerce store, to help customers shopping online find out where our products are sold. It makes the user experience better online, because if a customer wants to go into a store to physically touch and feel our product they can find the nearest store to do that at. In this day and age where everyone wants things really quickly, it's good to give the online customer a level of service and information so they can make purchasing decisions in places where they feel most comfortable, which could be online or in-store. Storemapper helps us drive traffic into our retail partners, which is good for them in the long run and helps sustain their business outside of just selling our brand.

stephen - the leisure collective

  • Gift shop

Storemapper is the essential solution of our problem “how fast ant easy the customer can find the nearest location of our stores” as this tool instantly shows hundreds of them locating in particular place. It provides very convenient search and filtering possibilities of stores locations. Storemapper simply integrates with Google Maps and smoothly technically adapts to our website showing really nice design. It is easy to use Storemapper with any smartphone. All those features helped us to increase the flow of customers to our stores and other locations where we sell our products. We are very satisfied with this tool and looking forward to implement it into other businesses.

Simas - Gera dovana